20 thoughts on “10 Lighting Tips For Wedding Receptions

  1. Hey guys, Hey Pye, I love you guys, but when I see such opulent Weddings on your educational videos it makes me think that maybe most of the people that watch your videos may never see such extravagance, so it is hard to relate to. Maybe you guys could "dress it down" sometime?

  2. Great content presented by 2 wonderful people. I'd sit down all day and listen to the woman on the left because her voice is just so lovely, not to mention her laugh. Good job guys, and excellent work as always.

  3. Thanks for the awesome tips. I got my first wedding gig coming this fall and the reception/ball room I was told is all white so I wouldn't need CTO gels and are speedlites in TTL mode powerful enough to reach the center of the room (where the dance floor is) or should I meter the light and use manual mode?

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