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  1. Hey DJ Rick Web! Thank you for this video. Very helpful. I've done a few weddings for friends (that was my wedding gift to them). What do you do if you get a request for a song that you don't have??? Only had this happen once, but it was a bit embarrassing. Also, how do you keep up with the EVER CHANGING music?? I find that a problem as well….

  2. This was some very good advice for me. I've been DJing since this past October and I have already been contracted to do a wedding in July. So I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

  3. Great video's Rick . One thing I do is ask customers to email me a playlist before the gig of their favourite tunes at least a week before . That way I can purchase any I need and tailor other music to compliment it . Keep up the great work !!!

  4. Most of the weddings i do (In Australia) the event coordinator dose 99.9% of the work. However i have had a few nights where there is no venu or event/function coordinator so im running around like a headless chicken to work out the run of the night. Biggest problem is mainly kitchen related, food not coming out on time or speeches when the mains or dessert are being served. I work out with the bride and groom to get the speeches done either before mains or just before dessert. Cake gets cut after dessert and before first dance (unless cake is dessert ,then cut after bride and groom enter) then any father-daughter/mother-son dance. After all said and done your not only there for the party your there to help a happy( and scared,on some occasions) couple celebrate the happiest day of their lives. Sorry about the long comment, but i do hope it helps people to get through a wedding without too many issues.

  5. Excellent tips! Thank you very much, and right on point. I personally HATE DOING WEDDINGS! lol Because I do stress, I am nervous on the mic, and worry that about any little thing that can go wrong. Dj'ing for almost 3 years now and keep getting calls for weddings…ugh, I guess I am doing something right. haha Seriously though, I am always looking for tips from other Dj's to better my show , and I appreciate you taking your time to help the rest of us.
    I loved your tip about interacting with your audience, that is a major biggie for me. I truly believe that anyone can set up an ipod and play songs, we are not hired to do that (just sit there and play music) WE are hired to not only play music, but to be entertainers as well. Also the Bride is in charge and whomever is paying your fee. LOL BIG BIG thing to remember. 😉 Thanks again!

  6. How can I build up a large library of pop music for djing with? Surely there's a better way than just purchasing all the songs I can recall listening to, right? is there like one massive DJ playlist I can just buy which has everything I'd need? Or maybe a subscription service for the monthly top pop songs?

  7. great tips, I just had my first wedding but, I just was in charge to take my equipment and not djing, my friend was the DJ, but when we got there he told me is not doing any MC speech because he is just a DJ.
    so what I'm supposed to do , my name is on the line too.

  8. I must admit i watched this out of curiosity rather than "need to know" and I was impressed. You really nailed it…especially #5. That's the selling point when people ask why you cost more than an iPod DJ. I just started watching your videos last week and I have been quickly impressed with your professionalism at such a young age. You will do well.

  9. Do you have your music you use for gigs on your hard drive or do you use an external hard drive(s)? Have watched all the videos but nothing has been said about this.

  10. Tip #5. That's the key. That's the common aspect most brides and grooms overlook, and what most new wedding DJs do not realize. Excellent list man, wish it was here a year ago for a…faster…start to my wedding DJness.

  11. Hey DJ Rick Webb, great vlog Bro. I have been DJing for many years and i still learn something new all the time. I recently did a wedding that the mother of the bride sister paid for. I always do a meet and greet before I do a wedding in fact I had two meetings for this particular wedding. Both times the Groom was never there (due to work hours). I felt very uncomfortable about this for the get go. Because I like to get a feel for both the Bride and the Groom's opinions. Two days before the wedding my hard drive crashed and I lost all of my music and I didn't back up my music (lesson learned). However, I was able to get music from a fellow DJ. Anyhow, in the contract the Bride said no rap and very little fowl language in the songs which I was ok with and had plenty of songs to get people dancing. So everything at this wedding started to landslide beyond my control. at the wedding they changed the all format of music and was letting people request very explicit rap songs which I didn't have by the way. I think the changes came from the Groom's side of family and friends. It was a very big mess. I have a lot more to tell you about this wedding so if you would like to get back with me personally we can. the bottom line the Mother & Sister wanted a refund or they was going to ruin me on social media. I felt I did my job per the outlines of our contract and did not refund any money. How would you have handle this?

  12. you are seriously the man. I have loved watching your gig logs from the beginning. you have no idea how much you're giving back to this community of beginner djs. that all being said, I'm saving up for a set of Mackie 12" 1000 watt thumps. would that be a good set up to get started on doing gigs? I know they aren't the best but I need something to last at least a year so I can start pulling in some extra cash. thanks Rick webb, you're the man!!

  13. I'm probably going to watch this about 10 times. thank you for making it. helps a lot. I might snapchat you one day for a few tips. haha. thank you again for the communication you bring to your subscribers

  14. Decent but would absolutely not tell potential customers this is your first wedding.
    Your first wedding should be with someone you know if possible.
    Organization, backups and lots of practice would be my advice. Practice EVERYTHING from announcements to music to transitions to setup and breakdown. The more times the better.

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