27 Replies to “3 Guides for Great Composition in Your Photos”

  1. My main goal in composition is SIMPLICITY! If something isn't needed, I try to remove it through changing camera angels. What are your techniques for nailing great composition?
    – Aaron

  2. Hi Aaron, Really enjoying your videos. Your pace is great for an old guy like me. I have a question about this tutorial. I was successful in downloading the images but when it comes to applying the composition tools, I don't have them in my crop section. I said I was old and I am currently still using CS4 Extended. Is there a way or a place I can go to download the composition tools? Thanks in advance for your help with this. Eric

  3. This is so important in every image area and so few people are applying it. They mimic the worst habits of social media imaging, because that particular image gets lots of likes so it's supposed to be good in every aspect. Well wrong, you can only break the rules after you know them. Thanks Aaron for this simple explanation to everyone, hope some people learn from this

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