28 thoughts on “Cinematic Wedding Photo Editing – RAW Images – Photo Editing – Photoshop CC

  1. Music sucks ass thats one. Two, dont give your clients shit like this. It will age very quickly, it actually did already. Give them sth that's timeless.

  2. Hi, sometimes when I change hue and get saturation higher, the picture becomes noise. Can I do this editinh on JPEG file or should I do this on a high res RAW file? I'm using 18MP Canon 60D. Thank you

  3. How did you put Camera raw in the filter list? I have camera raw and I can't go back again once I'm done editing in camera raw. I just need to know how did you put the camera raw filter in the list. Thank you I hope you'll respond. I learned a lot from you. Thanks 🙂

  4. It's so fassstt 🙁 I'm having a hard time seeing what I'm suppose to do in certain parts :/ If you would slow down or add text stating what you did and where you went, it would be a 5 star tutorial!

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