32 thoughts on ““Daddy’s Angel” – The perfect father daughter wedding dance song!

  1. Hi. I'm making a playlist on Google music and would really love to have this song as part of it but am unable to find it. Would you be able to upload it to the database please?

  2. My fiancé and I are now in full planning mode. My friend is a DJ, and he let us listen to this song as well as many others. My dad passed away when I was 15, but her dad (my father in-law) is still alive and kicking an AN EXTREMELY AWESOME GUY! This is an amazing song and she instantly teared up and cried.

    This is the song she has chosen for her father/daughter dance.

    Our first dance as husband and wife is 1,000 Years by Christina Perri.

  3. My father died in a car accident 100 yards away from our driveway, November 24, 1980. My birthday is November 25th…I was just turning 8 years old. I was daddy's girl and to this day I still miss him like it was yesterday.
    My mom stood with us when I got married. Not to be outdone by my dad, she passed away on my 8th wedding anniversary.
    They are both my angels now.

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