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  1. Hey meesh. Was just wondering about who made your dress/what was the name of the person you were emailing?

    I've ordered this exact same dress. They actually called me personally to confirm my custom size which so far is a good sign.

    *cross fingers it looks as good as yours.

  2. I typed the style number of the same dress linked in your description box. And TWO sites had THE SAME EXACT DRESS with exactly the same 'REVIEWS' and 'COMMENTS and date they were posted' and 'PHOTOS'. Most of all.. SAME format on the website and 'timer' for when their sale ends etc…


    same goes for other style of dresses with any reviews on it..
    so who owns the real reviews? who do i order from?

  3. Beautiful dress on you! I just thought I would go ahead and say that I too have ordered a dress that would cost $$$$ from in store but saved soo much ordering it online from china. (Prom not wedding) I did order through an etsy shop though. Everyone around me was saying it would be a waste of money, that it wouldn’t fit, be cheaply made, arrived damaged and ect. I have to say that maybe I am also one of the “lucky ones” but it arrived and was exactly like the photo. Fit me perfectly, was not cheap or uncomfortable material and it actually had a really nice quality zipper more than designer dresses I have purchased in store. 😂 Just some encouragement for anyone who is considering ordering a “china cheapie” and is on the fence.

  4. Hi Misha! I loved your dress, I'm looking for a dress in that page too, I loved yours! And I can't find yours on the website… Could you please tell me the code of the dress to search it with it?
    I have two or three other options for my wedding dress from dressilyme but you know… Now that I swa your review and that the dress that you received was pretty good quality and cute, it makes me feel safe to order mine too!
    How do you rate all your experience with dressilyme?
    Wish you the best!

  5. awesome purchase! Looking for a wedding gown now and its really hard to find something I like that's not overly pricey cause Id rather put that money somewhere else. You sourced a really pretty gown. Where there any extra fees though for shipping its through customs or any issues with customer service?

  6. Wow that dress actually looks like a legitimate wedding gown. The one you ordered was supposed to be a replica of the actual gown "Lorelei" from Hayley Paige but it looks more like another dress from that same designer called "Elysia". You can hardly tell the difference from far away!

  7. Hello!! Blessings for your future, you were stunning at your big day!!!
    I am literally in love with that hayley paige dress, can i ask you, did you modify the lacing apliques on the sleeves? i see a slight difference in the elbow area, on the wedding fotos it seems there are less apliques compared to the vide… i really like the result on the photos better than the video, i would like to know ahead if i have to modify something after i receive the dress.
    i'll be glad to have a responce.

    Thank you

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