29 Replies to “Girlfriend Makes A Wedding Gift Box”

  1. Every now and again I come back and give this another watch, for some reason it just makes me happy lol. And she did wonderful for her first time. I tried teaching my fiance once , she vowed never to step foot in the workshop with me again 😂

  2. I just love your uploads full stop!
    My girlfriend would NEVER watch your stuff, because you are a man!!((not sexist at all but believes that they can do things without assistance)?
    Ria was absolutely charming,quite funny at moments, but obviously learning from you,and Lynne (my partner) just loved this upload. It was , in fact required to be watched on living room tv!!!(I never get to watch utube on the BIG telly)
    I genuinely think that you could MASSIVELY increase your viewer numbers by doing regular(not necessarily frequent) uploads where Ria is doing projects with you guiding her.
    My partner Lynne is currently revamping an old pine dressing table, and is enjoying doing it immensely. She watched this upload with me and LOVED it!
    The Mitre saw was heavy to use/the sander was very heavy? She identified immediately with these things. She also thought Ria was just lovely.
    I haven’t seen a young couple do this kind of presentation on utube of woodworking before. Maybe it’s an untapped niche market??
    Just a suggestion, because I LOVE this channel and hope it thrives.

  3. The box looks great and the fact that you worked together to create it makes it a very special gift.

    You two are a cute couple; I like the way you interact. I hope that we see more of these collaboration video.

    Some viewers think that you are brave for introducing your girlfriend into your workshop and YouTube creating. I think that if more men did the same thing, then their partners would appreciate the skills needed and the time it takes to do woodworking projects. I have a different problem – men in my life (including my brother and dad) want to use my tools and then they cannot resist giving me ‘tips’ on how to use MY tools. Therefore, usually I don’t allow men into my shop, unless they know nothing about woodworking!

    Keep up the great work and thanks for this special video.

  4. Great stuff Keith (and Ria). Ive just shown my wife and hinted that she could have a go in my workshop. We will see. Thoroughly enjoyed it and you are a very lucky man! PS I did get to show my mates wife how to do a bit of woodturning while we were in France!

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