7 Replies to “HONEYMOON PLANNING TIPS | Wedding Planning Series”

  1. We just started thinking about our honeymoon (though we have over a year to go before the wedding) and there's so many options that it's almost hard to choose! I think some of the things that you mentioned were really great tips, especially with buying plane tickets. The earlier you buy, the better and that's true for anytime you're flying!

  2. We prioritized our honeymoon over our wedding as we are very big travelers. We are going on a Mediterranean Cruise to Italy, Greece & Turkey. So excited!! We booked the cruise before we got engaged and the flights shortly after. It is a lot cheaper when you book over a year in advance. Our honeymoon is 1/3 of our wedding budget (Cruise, flights, hotels cost $4000 for the both of us). The honeymoon is 3 weeks vs just a one day wedding. However, I am worried that we might be too exhausted to do everything we want on the honeymoon.

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