1. Lovely advice! For the rings I suggest tigergemstones on etsy 3ct accented round solitaire for 190. Or moissanite for 1500 3ct. Also etsy has very affordable bouquets for like $30! Make your own naked wedding cake👌🏼 get married at a park (under 50 guests in ruidoso nm is 75 bucks for the entire day) with an officiant

  2. I have a friend who is a christian. He got married in his church free, got the church hall for the reception free, the church helped with the food and drink costs as well. He had his honeymoon at his brothers bungalow in Selsey, again free. I think with all the wedding presents he received, if you total it up he actually made a small profit.

  3. SO what you're saying about wedding photographers….I'm one and I just wanted to say that shooting a wedding (even for a few hours) is soooo different than a normal shoot! So that's often why wedding photography is more expensive. Editing time, delivering photos, personal galleries, taking the time to get to know your clients and their wishes, administration, welcome packages, the gear you bring, the way you get your USB delivered, that's all part of the 'hourly rate'. O and the fact taxes work differently for weddings than for example business related shoots. I just wanted to explain because people often don't see why it's so 'expensive'. I admire the fact that you had such an amazing wedding for a 1000 pounds though! 💕🙏

  4. Thanks for the tips! Getting married in September this year (only decided 2 days ago) small registry office wedding with a bbq reception in our own garden, brought my wedding dress off asos £32! Brought a wedding band of pandora £35! Couldnt be happier with the money we're saving

  5. Great video, loads of tips thankyou!!

    Please could you do a video on how you dealt with postnatal depression and anxiety because mine is bad and I can organise weddings when I feel like I do! How did u get through it I would love to know! 😘 jo xx

  6. Loving your videos. You’re really down to earth! 😊
    My husband and I got married in Barbados nearly seven years ago and our wedding didn’t break the bank. I wanted a discreet ceremony; so it was only the two of us. My family are really reserved and they understood that I wanted the day to just be about us. I’m a pretty quiet person and I wanted my wedding to reflect that. 😊 xx

  7. Love this video. We did our own wedding 31 years ago. We got married in a registrar office with 6/7 weeks notice ( no I wasn’t pregnant). We had 25 guests, my mother-in-law was a dress maker so she made my dress for about £100 and I later sold it and got my money back lol, she also made the bridesmaids dresses. Our flowers including arrangements in our hair and cake topper were all artificial which we arranged ourselves. I purchased a two tier cake but have since made other people’s cakes😬. Our wedding rings were from H. Samuels also and cost about £50 each. I did my own make up and my friend helped with my hair. We had a rolls Royce car but bridesmaids were driven by a groomsman. Our professional photographer took photos at my house, the registrar office and at the venue in the afternoon and left (again a couple of hours work). The venue we booked for the afternoon (so cost less) we had a sit down meal and we returned to my mums house after for a buffet then off my husband and I went to stay in a local hotel for the night. We had the money for an expensive wedding but decided it was better spent on a deposit for a house than spent on hundreds of relatives (we hardly knew) drinking themselves silly. My husband doesn’t do big crowds and the party scene so win win all round !!

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