41 Replies to “Recreating my Indian Wedding Bridal Makeup!”

  1. Hey Arshia. Love your work. I’m in South Africa and don’t get Huda Beauty or Fenty Beauty here. I’m NC 43 in Mac studio fix, which shade foundation would I be in Huda and Fenty? My husband will be in London in 2 weeks and would like him to grab me the foundation. Thanks for your help

  2. can estee lauder be the good foundation for oily skin for bridal makeup? and can u suggest drugstore brand for eye, cheek and lip? u have used all the high end brands..that is not affordable for me..dear.. if u could create a look by using drugstore makeup for wedding it will be great for many of us..😍

  3. You look stunning but I have to disagree on the Stunna lip paint being long lasting cuz for me it transferred like crazy and moved all the way to my chin not a good look

  4. You looked absolutely stunning on your wedding day! Actually, you look stunning every day! I've been married for 22 yrs, but I still remember my big day. Such great makeup tricks but even better advice. Things will not go perfectly. The most important thing is to enjoy, love and live in the moment. This day is about you and your bae, everything else is just window dressing. Thank you for sharing!

  5. wow !! soo soo soo gorgeous!!
    love your look..love the make up..love how u recreated it..love the way u described it..idk..awsomeee video! and u look soo gorgeous!!

  6. I’ve been around since your Mac lipsticks for brown skin video. Your vlogs used to be so much fun and also all the fun we had when you went from happytreasuress to Arshia Moorjani.


  7. I remember your original videos of your wedding prep. I was getting married around that time and I found your videos to be helpful to pick out makeup since I had no clue where to begin. <3

  8. Omg…. The most elaborate video… Wish I had seen this video before my wedding. And had all the awesome products back then… Ur awesome Arshia …. U covered all the issue and problems any bride will face… Best video. Ever…

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