39 thoughts on “Royal wedding dresses: a history

  1. Love how everyone is so mad about not being able to fully see the dresses, negating the fact that this is a promotional video it entice people to VISIT the museum and donate to keep them in business 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  2. The dress shown, while the lady is discussing The Queens dress it is actually Princess Alexandras that is shown then it's princess margarets

  3. My word, how boring, this is, completely missing the point just showing this woman talking & not the dresses, how frustrating. We could'nt we just hv a voice over while showing the actual items in detail, complete waste of time

  4. I didn’t enjoy this at all! Everything is overshadowed by this narrators breathy, stuttering words . All I hear is umm, umm. The focus should have been the gowns & who wore them.

  5. I'm very disappointed. I was hoping to see photos of royal brides wearing their wedding gowns. All we got was mannequins wearing wedding gowns. Near the end of the video all we see are magazines with out-of-focus glimpses of a couple royal brides. She talked a great deal about Queen Victoria's wedding gown but sadly, no photos of hers either. Victoria was famous for introducing the white wedding gown which is very important to brides even today.

  6. Royal weddings are STILL political. Today, though, instead of being international alliances to enhance treaties or to create allies, they are used to gull the people into thinking that they so-called "royals" are no different than you or I and you, too, commoner can aspire to marry a "royal" (provided you can pony up the dowry (right Grace Kelly, Diana Spencer, and Kate Middleton?). What nonsense.

  7. Very poor documentary….when she's speaking of all the princess's names, I honestly was confused. So many names mentioned yet no photos of any of the people connected to the dresses…big mistake. In addition to this massive mistake, the entire documentary is focused on this woman, not the dresses.

  8. The message of Queen Victoria's wedding gown – it's white, so white, so it reminds the rest of the country how only wealth can allow you to have a dress you will wear only once. Seriously, who could afford a white dress at that time?? Only the queen, that's who! You filthy peasants 😀

  9. Knickers. What about the Princess's– knickers. who designed them, surely them were bought over-the-counter? I say, alot of 'political' alliances are made by what those knickers are holding. LOL…

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