38 Replies to “Supporting and Stacking a 5 tier Wedding Cake”

  1. Thank u for your clear n amazing video…I always worry before transporting a wedding cake. Doweling in the middle is my problem. I think I will assemble at venue. My climate is hot n humid. But everyone prefers buttercream!

  2. Hello…
    Nice tutorial on how to stack a cake
    But I have a question, can I use wooden dowel instead of the straw also after detaching the cake from the cake board was there a smaller board under the cake when place the cakes together?

  3. Hello your video was a lot of help thank you. I had to do a double stack cake for 150 people, do I put a cake board in between the first 2 layer before I stack the other 2, or do I just add the bubble straw once each tier is together.

  4. Thank you so much for such a quick and amazing tutorial. I have been asked to do a 6 tier cake… My first… And I feel a little more confident about it after watching this. My only question is how do you lift, move and transport such a heavy cake? Do you need someone to assist you do it?

  5. I'm making a wedding cake next week for friends, and it is pretty much the same size, except 4 tiers (starting at 12'') instead of 5. This is the first video I've found with more than 3 tiers in the sizes I'm doing. Very Helpful!! Thanks!

    Would you still recommend the centre dowel if it isn't being transported stacked? I'll be stacking day-of at the venue, but it will be sitting for a few hours after that – would a single centre dowel suffice for that?

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