29 thoughts on “Top 7 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in The World

  1. You have to be very careful with rings. Larger doesn’t always mean better, especially on the hands, which are smaller compared to the neck or the head (necklaces/crowns/tiaras) as a backdrop for the jewelry. Paris Hilton’s old ring looks like cheap costume jewelry, as does the “perfect” clear diamond ring of Elizabeth Taylor. I don’t care about t their value, they’re just not elegant – I.M.O.

  2. Mariah Carey's is the most beautiful in my opinion. With Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor's coming in a close second and third!
    Although, Mariah's fiancee last name is Packard, not Parker.

  3. Did you notice, they are all liberals, who talk all the time about charity and how evil capitalism is? Such hypocrites! With one of their rings, they can feed a whole village for years and years

  4. Rings so big don't look attractive. They become a nuisance getting in the way of what you are doing. If I was wearing an engagement ring I would want one dainty. I personally think very large jewelry is ugly.

  5. I want one I'm not going to get one I want to know why not yours an old Queen from London that was not Elizabeth Taylor's engagement ring I don't quite know where she kept them all hint hint but I'm sure if we've already had a cabinet for them all first time I ever saw her no I'm not that old was in Jane Eyre second time was Cleopatra what do you say to that she was and always will be the most beautiful woman in the world

  6. The celebrities ring r so massive that they slide sideways.no more fitted right a the centre of the finger. Unlike how the royals wear theirs. Fitted nicely and never overly sized rocks!! The royals wears theirs w story n family traditions

  7. these celebrity hypocrites just think of how many homeless they could help or how many starving children they could feed with the millions spent on these rings. Sinful!

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