31 thoughts on “UPDATE ♡ My Wedding, Honeymoon + Pics! & more. . . .

  1. Heidi, I would love a "tips for brides" video. I started planning my wedding last year. I'm finally in the last few months before, and I also can't wait for it to be over! To would be great!

  2. You're so beautiful Heidi! MA. How did you meet your husband? Can you do a video about that pleaseeee? I'm nearly a year older than you (turning 23 soon) and would love to hear how you found love at a 'young'ish age! xxxx

  3. Hey there Heidi, I planned my wedding too but things were a lot easier back then ( 1987) so I will be married 30 yrs come this June 3rd. I had always wanted that date only because this date goes back 4 generations now of family marriages. So I was the 4th generation to be married on June 3rd. I think a vid on tips would be helpful on so many levels. Also I was thinking on another you might want to do is one on your up and coming like children, life goals for your now husband and you. As you stated here teaching I think you would be good at it. When I went to college I was going to teach Music. But the thought of getting up in front of people had my skin crawling. So someone told me to fix your eyes on certain objects just over the head of the people in front of you. Or look at the tops of their heads … I know it sounds funny but believe me it works and after you get to use that trick you can learn to bring your eyes down lower and lower and before you know it you are looking them right in the eyes. I think you will do great. Well, congrats on your wedding and all your plans that you have going and will see you soon in your next vid. Like always … Love from Kentucky, USA

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