1. Everything from this brand is either goddess, or wonder, or luxury, magic. :)) Like my face will turn into Kate Moss's face. This kind of marketing is not for me.

  2. 'Dreamy smoke', 'wedding day flutter eye-lashes','tilt back your head for maximum curl', 'wonderbra for lashes', 'rose petal lips' – WTF? we are talking about druggie Kate Moss, right?

  3. Love this brand but the models looks better before! I feel like the high light down the center of the face further seperated her eyes and made her nose look much wider !

    Beautiful products
    Interesting application

  4. With a face like kate moss', you could make dollar store make up look good. I'll be impressed when I see this on a non-model. Someone with more flaws so that you've actually got a challenge rather than a blank perfect canvas

  5. I can't stopping watching your tutorials. I'm in love with the way you execute all these looks. You're a true artist and bring out the models natural features without caking on or changing their features.

  6. I like the fact that Charlotte actually only use enough amount of makeup not like other beauty artists put tons of concealer under the eyes and thick foundation!

  7. Why can't Indian bridal make up looks be this ethereal and natural looking? They are all so heavy handed and hideous. The woman's face ends up looking like a rainbow cake.

  8. I love to use Charlotte's eyehadows (best on the market), blushes, and lipsticks. Her foundation and concealer, not so much, they're very thin and very yellow. But the truth is if this model weren't perfect, she'd need a hella lot more makeup. It's a little "nude" for most people.

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