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  1. Recently I've been asked to do a wedding and I am terrified because this will be my very first photography event. I am also a beginner and am constantly seeking ways to improve. Watching your video and listening to you made me cry just hearing the raw emotion in your voice about your experiences. I was having doubts before but after hearing you speak, although I'm still nervous, I feel as though I can do this. Mistakes will be made, I know that, but I'm willing to take those mistakes and learn from them. Listening to your video gave me strength. Pray for me as I embark on this new journey. Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you for such a great video. I have my first wedding tomorrow and although not a beginner when it comes to photography, I’m much more at home shooting equine portraiture and horse and rider shoots! It’s refreshing to hear your solutions to the challenges you came across and your helpful hints and tips- too many times in the run up to this wedding I have reached out for advice from many established photographers/wedding photographers and made to feel like I have no right to be asking for advice – after all, why should they train the competition etc. We all have to start somewhere and your video really helped to boost my confidence again. I am doing it as a favour to my very good friend so at least I can be assured it’s because she likes my work.

  3. AMAZING! thank you soo Much for this I'm doing my first wedding shot in couple of months, and like you said preparation is a must. I'm looking into some tips and advices, and this video helped me alot.

  4. Might be most helpful video I have watched. I have watched a ton
    This coming up is our 3rd wedding. This one now it's my first big wedding. Super nervous! It's at the Harris hotel in Laughlin.

  5. I've just taken another one on. All your points are bang on. Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents P**s poor Performance. However you just have to think on your feet. Control the paparazzi by asking them just for a few moments with the group then engage them "Come on now fill your boots" get them on your side. Use fast lenses this will separate you from the best and use your body to frame the shot, crawl if you have to, but get the shot. Try and make sure from the best man and matron of honour that you are in the right place for the unexpected.
    Finally stop at a reasonable time go home have a bevy.

  6. What a great video, I'm in this position at the moment where I want to get started with wedding photography and having got married myself back in May I saw how my photographer worked, so there was some brilliant advice and experiences included in this video that I'm sure will be helpful to me.

  7. Shooting my first wedding here in a week. Really enjoyed this video compared to the others I’ve watched on this subject so far. I’m also really glad you added in the example of the missed shot. All in all this video really made me consider things that I need to prepare for that I didn’t quite get from other videos. Well done 👍🏻

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