25 Replies to “Wedding Planning! #1 | Dollybowbow”

  1. Ah I loved this video! You have the same taste as me and my boyfriend, we already talk about our wedding and we're not even engaged yet but we want a rustic wedding in a barn. Also he has a Beetle, and he loves classic VW'S so we want beetles and campers at our wedding too! Literally can't wait to see more of your wedding stuff, good luck with it all. xx

  2. I'm a florist, so country garden style is very possible in the summer months. Flowers I would recommended would be delphiniums, peonies, September flower, Heidi roses, green belle, mollis, wax flower and astilbe. x

  3. We are get rid married in sept wedding theme vintage with pink and mint colours we are also having lace and burlap for hunting and milk bottles jam jars mint straws sweet bar and ice cream cones x

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