30 thoughts on “What Would You Do Bakery employee denies a wedding cake for a lesbian couple – REACTION

  1. ANYWAY, people are just brainwashed and frightened and hurt into following the bible, which at this point is nonsense as it has been edited countless times to fit the dogmas of the people in power at the time AND translated countless times with countless things lost/changed in translation! GOD AND JESUS ARE ABOUT UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! But people are taught that OBEY AND DON’T QUESTION IT OR YOU WILL BURN IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY! And telling a kid that, especially over and over, seriously damages!

  2. AND THIS IS IN NEW JERSEY, where lgbt people have a strong protection against discrimination and crimes. They can marry there since 2013 but the state’s Law Against Discrimination has included lgbt people since 1991! And genders since 2006! And penalties for hate crimes can be enhanced there!

  3. This needs to be said though but if your religion tells you to hurt or kill other beings, then it’s no longer just about you and your beliefs. If you think it’s bad to love and be who you are, and that it’s good to hurt and kill others, human or otherwise, then there is a problem! If you don’t believe in gay marriage, then don’t marry someone of your own gender, and don’t be heartless and mindless to others! Don’t hurt others over something that has nothing to do with you!

  4. It's basically a matter of views and expression than spite for a certain people group. Just like how people of opposing political parties aren't allowed to twist each other's arm to vote for their party's candidate, people shouldn't be forcing others to do something that would go against their views. For all I care, homosexuals can go start a bakery where they refuse to serve wedding cakes for straight people.

  5. Also, while I hate to admit it, I feel Ashtyn is completely in the right, and John is in the wrong. Would you say its okay if they didn't make a cake because I customer were a Muslim, or if a customer was black? It's still discrimination, just more of a protected discrimination

  6. End of the day, do I think they guy is wrong to not serve a gay couple or something similar, yes, but if he has the right to not serve then fine. But on that note, the owner would have zero argument if because of this, other customers chose to take their business elsewhere. If I was in this situation, I would find somewhere else to go, they can say he has religious freedom not to make the gay couples cake, but I have my freedom to take my business elsewhere

  7. This issue is a problem where some people view it as a disagreeing with opinions, beliefs or religion while to the other side it's basically disagreeing with their life and who they are as people, making it personal instead of political/religious.

  8. Just FYI…the Supreme Court didn’t side with the baker. What they actually did was say the state of Colorado showed prejudice against the baker specifically. And because of that the states ruling was thrown out and by default the baker won.

    This might sound nitpicky but they did this deliberately. They made a point to even say the Colorado law was fine for future cases(meaning this guy can’t discriminate again against gay people) but in this specific instance they felt the Colorado antidiscrimination division hated this guy and didn’t give him a fair shake, so even though they ruled correctly against him their behavior was enough to overturn their judgement.

    It was really interesting for the Supreme Court to technically side with both sides.

  9. Gay marriage is legal in all 50 states. The United States Supreme court ruled it constitutional so therefore it became legal no matter what any state says.

  10. 7:00 you are wrong about celebrities, the main reason why they make those statements is because they want to see themselves more in the news. Think about it, there ENTIRE career revolves around the world knowing who they are, if you are not always in the news (by always I mean at least once a month at minimum) you will probably make less money. When celebrities talk about politics, they never talk about the core subject around politics which is, by definition, policy (politicians dictate policy, hence the name) and that the reason I don't take them seriously.

  11. On the business side your correct it's thier American right to say no. And it's the customers right to slam ur name and reputation online. I feel you must be responsive to customers no matter what your business. Being stubborn has killed many businesses. You may think a new car you just built is the best your company has made, or you may think this is the best soda you ever made. But if people don't want the car or think the sodas terrible they will talk. Then you have the option to keep your right of freedom and hope for recovery or scrap the soda or change the car. In the end the customers put food on your plate. I see both ashyton and Jons points as well.

  12. I'd serve them gay or lesbian. Their money is just as good as a straight persons. Weather or not i agree with thier sexual choices in life has nothing to do with a cake. And it doesn't impact my life if they are gay or lesbian. They have thier rights to

  13. “No one will be offended, because it’s true”. Where have you been?

    To everyone that believe someone should be forced to do something…do look up philosophy on what slavery is. Let’s go through a hypothetical, if we go back 200 years and made slave owners pay slaves 100 dallors would the slaves still be slaves. The answer is yes, because they don’t get a choice in what they do. Their labor does not belong to the slaves it still belongs to the slave owner.

    Let’s make another hypothetical, if I wrote a script to a movie in which after slavery was abolished Lincoln sent all black people back to Africa and due to this America had enter Star Trek age of technology by the year 2000 implying black peoples held America back. Then I went to a bunch of star actors and actresses to play in the movie paying their normal rates. Would they be able to refuse staring in the movie? Im sure you would agree they shouldn’t be forced to do so because they do not believe in what the movie represents.

    Ashtyn, your not religious so you can’t know what you would do if you were religious. To a religious person, by making the wedding cake you are supporting what the wedding is representing. Religious bakery’s have no problem making any other product for gay people, it’s only a wedding cake that would force them to condone someone else’s sin. Serving them a cupcake is just helping out a fellow sinner and everyone is a sinner.

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